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Streamline your events, scheduling, ticketing and communication.

Events Management & Ticketing

Note: Not all features are available with all packages. Please check.

Wix online events management streamlines your entire event planning process, from scheduling and ticketing to attendee communication, saving you time and reducing your administrative burden. 

You can often reach a wider audience and attract attendees beyond your immediate location expanding your potential reach for the event and increasing attendance. The Wix built-in marketing feature, allows you to promote your events through email campaigns, social media, and targeted advertising.

By automating event management processes, you can reduce your need for physical ticket printing, manual registrations, and other traditional event-related expenses. E-tickets, QR codes, and mobile check-ins, all help to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees. 

Combined with secure and convenient payment processing, it's easy for attendees to buy tickets and for you to manage the transactions.

Streamline your events, scheduling, ticketing and communication.

  • Offer unlimited events & tickets

  • Provide mobile tickets

  • Pass on ticket commissions to attendees

  • Streamline your processes

  • Increase attendance potential

  • Gain new marketing opportunities

  • Deliver well-organized events

  • Enhance your brand reputation

  • Grow revenues


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