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Capture your brand's personality with a blog or vlog

Blogs (and vlogs)

Note: Not all features are available with all packages. Please check.

Search engines prioritize fresh and relevant content, so by regularly updating your blog with new posts, you give search engines new content to index, increasing the likelihood of your website appearing in search results.

And by writing blog posts around your keywords and topics, especially using long-tail keywords relevant to your niche, helps search engines understand the focus of your website and rank it higher for related searches. 

Linking to your other pages, creates a well-connected internal structure which helps search engines index your site more effectively, whilst engaging posts can increase the time users spend with you (dwell time). 

By consistently producing high-quality, informative content you help to establish your site as an authority in its field. Search engines often rank authoritative sites and those with longer dwell times, higher in search results and may boost your rankings accordingly. 

There are a number of other great benefits to writing a blog that include, Backlinks and social shares; Featured snippets; and Niche targeting. If you can invest the time, a blog will repay your efforts.

Capture your brand's personality with a blog or vlog

  • Share knowledge and expertise

  • Build an online presence and personal brand

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Boost your SEO and website traffic

  • Develop a long-term asset


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