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PG Repairs

Don't buy new. Repair!

Paul Goodacre is a great domestic appliance repairman. But like many people branching out on their own, he wanted to make sure that he could attract new customers to keep the work coming in.

He has a strong reputation for a quality job amongst existing clients and needed to ensure that new customers could find him and get in touch quickly. After all, it's a disaster when your freezer or washing machine is down, and you're in need of it repairing – fast!

How Websytz helped

Paul marked the beginning of my client journey in 2017.

His requirement was crystal clear: a website capable of showcasing his expertise in repairing vital appliances. The goal was to assure visitors that he could be relied upon for timely assistance. His vision included a homepage that highlighted his mobility and comprehensive stock of spare parts.

Naturally, the design emphasized immediate access to his contact details, prominently featuring his phone number, email address, and an accessible enquiry form.

We at Websytz swiftly delivered a leaflet-style website for Paul. The site encompassed a dynamic homepage, transparent pricing information, and a user-friendly contact form. Its impact has been remarkable, consistently generating promising leads that seamlessly transition into loyal customers. Paul strategically integrates the website into his social media posts, synergizing his online presence effectively.

2023: Paul asked if we would update his website to the new Wix Studio, which we willingly agreed to.

His business has expanded since 2017 with an apprentice and two vehicles on the road, repairing domestic appliances. He wanted to bring his site up to date and is my first client to use Wix Studio. 

Features included in this website

This project includes the following features:

Element Animation

Search Engine Optimisation

Responsive Design

Site Audit & SEO


Business Email

Content Management


Image Editing

Social Links

Image Sourcing

Section Scroll Effects

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