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Norfolk Seaweed

Norfolk Seaweed's Journey

Allie Wharf, a seasoned videographer, has visited captivating, and at times, perilous corners of the globe in her relentless pursuit of crafting exceptional cinematic experiences.

However, a new chapter in Allie's journey has led her, along with her partner Willie Atwill (pictured above) and his brother Jamie, into uncharted waters. A new venture aimed to broaden the horizons of the Atwill family's oyster enterprise in North Norfolk, and propel them into the realm of aquaculture innovation – Seaweed Farming.

Prompt Connection and Websytz Consultation

Allie quickly realised that her new enterprise, Norfolk Seaweed, would need an online presence. So, Allie, now  Development Director, organised a Zoom call with Nick (a fitting liaison for a videographer), to discuss her ideas and soon opted to collaborate with Websytz for the design and set-up of Norfolk Seaweed's website.

Fuelled by an abundance of ideas, Allie's vision encompassed an wide array of components – an explanation of the businesses plans and its timeline, an eCommerce store for merchandise, and a dynamic blog to serve as a global beacon, offering updates to an international audience. 

The  content delved deep into the nuances of seaweed farming – its various uses, the farm's location, and its potential employment benefits to both the local and wider community.

Features included in this website

This project includes the following features:

Wix E-commerce

Wix Payments

Search Engine Optimisation

Responsive Design


Wix Editor X

Business Email

Content Management


Image Editing

Image Gallery

Social Links

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