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Hilary Macdonald has taken the enormous step of starting her own business. She begins in earnest in 2023 - right after the New Year. Hilary is an experienced Inspector of schools, a head teacher and a consultant to local authorities.

She has always been employed, so branching out on her own is a huge step. Her new consultancy practice, Hilary Macdonald Education Insights (HMEI) needed some exposure and she realised that website would be one of the quickest ways to gain it.

A website, after all, will be working for her all day, every day while Hilary, spends time making new relationships with the schools and local authorities that will become her clients. Her website has in fact already started to populate the pages of the internet weeks before her business opens for the first time.

Potential new clients are able to search and find Hilary on Google today and contact her through her website using a custom enquiry form, her existing email address or phone. Her new website has enabled her to hit the ground running and line up some valuable enquiries.

Visit Hilary's HMEI website at

100% recommend Nick from Websytz. He provided exactly what I needed from my new website. Incredibly efficient, friendly and helpful. Amazing service, thank you so much. I am now ready to start my new business.
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