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Cats are discerning creatures and are usually quite unimpressed by the actions of their owners.

But that can't be said by the cats whose owners send them to Hedgerows Cattery in Alpington just outside of Norwich. It's probably the most comfortable, clean and hygienic in the area and cats love it according to their owners.

So when Richard and Claire asked if I could freshen up their website, I was delighted. We had been clients of Hedgerows back in 2017 when I lived in Norwich and our cat, Kitty had stayed. We were really impressed by the investment and dedication to quality that the owners had made and they had clearly set new standards in cat accommodation.

The new website had to reflect a more modern image especially as the old site had been in use since 2014. We started by discussing the ideas that Richard and Claire had for the website and discussed how they could be implemented.

The website needed to be more modern but at the same time recogniseable to existing customers. It also needed some new features that the owners had identified, but had to remain easy to use.

At the same time, Richard and Claire had extended and re-decorated the cattery and were looking to match the website to the new decor. So the brief was decided:

  • Match the website to the new look of the cattery

  • Modify the logo

  • Add features to make the site easier for customers to book accommodation

  • Make it simpler to find answers to questions about boarding

  • Design a website that could be viewed on all devices

  • Allow customers to upload their own comments and images of their pets

  • Include privacy policy and terms and conditions statements

The result is a really cute website which will meet the needs of the business for years to come. It can be found at

"We have had our original website since opening in 2014 and needed a fresh new look to bring it up to date. Nick at Websytz was great. He listened to our needs and really got a good understanding of our business. He gave us some direction towards features which would benefit the way we work and has created for us the perfect result. Thanks Nick"

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