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Manage, categorise and display any information you have.

Data Collections

Note: Not all features are available with all packages. Please check.

Storing your related collection of content like text, images, and files in a data collection is the most effective approach to seamless content management. 

Whether it's the essential material required for your website (items in your shop or services that you offer) for the content you gather from your site's visitors, a data collection empowers you.

By utilising a data collection, you can effortlessly categorise and access your content, making updates and modifications a breeze. Whether it's adding new images, updating text, or managing downloadable files, the structured data collection ensures that all your content is well-organised and readily available when needed.

Furthermore, the flexibility of data collections allows you to capture and store data from your site's visitors, such as user-generated content, reviews, or form submissions. This valuable information can be harnessed to enhance user experiences, personalise content, and even refine your website's offerings to better align with your audience's preferences.

Manage, categorise and display any information you have.

  • Capture and re-use data received from customers for marketing and confirmation messages etc.

  • Catagorise, manage and display collections like testimonials or products & services etc.


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